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1.Prithvi Prema Seva

Most people develop a relationship with the soil only after they die, but it is very important to develop a relationship with the soil when you are alive. Especially now with this virus around. We call this prithvi prema seva. That means getting involved with the soil in a very loving manner. By doing this, your ability to resist these kind of invasions upon your life will be greatly enhanced. It is not just enough if you are alive; it is important that you live strong.

If you have a small patch of a garden you can do it there or you can volunteer to work in someone else’s garden. They will get free labor but do not think that they are getting more; you are getting much more because you being connected with the soil will make a phenomenal difference for the way your physical body functions. Everyone must make use of this somewhere – at least go clean the streets. Do something! It is very important to put your hands into the soil. Otherwise, those of you who are too well-to-do but do not want to be seen doing any work because it may create a wrong image for your affluence, you can have a mud bath! Yes, that is also one way.

Get Enough Physical Activity

2. Get Enough Physical Activity

Now people are at home. If they just sit around, and through the day if they are eating something or drinking alcohol, they will make themselves much more susceptible. One simple thing is to stay physically active. This is a good time for us to use these few weeks to get fit. If you do not know anything else, at least simply jog on the spot every day at different times – maybe fifteen minutes at a time, five to six times a day. The body will try to handle things better.

3. Keep Yourself Joyful

Mental distress is definitely one way of putting down the immune system. To stay fully spirited, joyful, and exuberant is also a simple way of making your immune system and the body to function much better.

A joyful, sensible, and the responsible human being can deal with situations much better than those who are dead serious about everything. Especially if you are in a panic, you are paralyzed. It is very important that all your faculties are in place, that your body and your brain function and respond the way they need too.

Keep Yourself Joyful