Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher

My name is Shivangi, it means someone who brings light to people. Sadhguru has given me this name in August 2018. It is a great privilege to come across him in this life time. Before 2013 I was very much dedicated to climb a hard career ladder. Being in a corporate environment for more than 10 years, I was unconsciously driven myself toward a burn out. Luckily I had colleagues who care so much and brought me in contact with Isha and Sadhguru. This has changed my life completely. After tasted the benefit of Isha Yoga, I could not contain my intense longing any more. Within one year I have completed all the programs I could with Isha, as well as been to Kailash. And I was ready to quit my job with Philips and set off to India for six months to focus solely on yoga. Five and half months intensive training in Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore was a life transformation. I have never been so much in ease within myself. After came back to the Netherlands, I have gone through some few up and downs to re-integrate into the current society. I am glad that the powerful tools given by Sadhguru has helped me to establish myself internally and externally. It has given me so much strength, balance and stability. Now I can combine a 32-hour weekly job with a yoga studio, as well as maintaining my daily practices. I am dedicating myself to transmitting this knowledge of Classical Hatha Yoga in its purest form. It is my wish that anyone who comes in contact with it can have a life transforming experience. I am looking forward to meeting you in the Netherlands or any where else in the world.

Address: Boxtel , Netherlands