Neem, Turmeric & Herbs

1. Neem

Before you begin your morning sadhana, on an empty stomach, you must take eight to twelve neem leaves, chew them and keep them in your mouth. It is very important that it stays in your mouth as it is most effective here. Chew it for one to two hours. Do not wash it out or swallow it, just let it just be there in the mouth. Do your sadhana with that.


2. Turmeric

Consume turmeric every day in the morning and allow it to stay in the stomach at least for one hour before you eat anything. This will do wonders for you. It is best to have organic turmeric.

3. Mahavilva Leaves

There is something called mahavilva leaves which are available in the Western Ghats region. If you can eat about three to five leaves a day in the morning, that will also enhance your immune system.

Mahavilva Leaves