Online Workshop Guideline

Hope you are well and safe & Looking forward toward the session tomorrow. The next few days we will focus on yogic practices to Boost Immunity, Lung Capacity, Physical and Mental Wellbeing. Here are some details, we want you to read carefully & acknowledge at the end.


Committed Space : 

Ensure you have a committed space for the duration session. Its best you find a room or space free from disturbance for the duration of session. Yoga is an intimate process, it’s an inward journey. Please dedicate this time & space for yourself. Keep your pets away, tell your kids and family not to disturb you.


Session : 
  • All session mandatory, the workshop is structured in such a way each session is depend on other. If you miss one session you will not be able to follow the next day. Reach out to us in any case.
  • The session timing with timezone is emailed to you, reach out to us if you have any confusion.
  • We start the session 15 mins before the scheduled time, there will be a music for those 15 mins.  Please login 5/10 mins before so are settled down in time.
  • The first day alone one of us will be available 30 mins before the session. Incase you are not familiar using zoom, please come early so this can be tested.
Food Condition :

It’s important you don’t attend the session immediately after food. Ensure you had your food a couple of hours before the session.


Class Arrangement:

Video / Visual : Ensure you have a web camp or other arrangement, so we can see you. Without video enabled, without knowing who is on the other side of the camera it’s not possible to include them in the session. Video Mandatory

No Headphones : There will be guide practices, if you use headphone your movement is restricted or you will not be able to hear us. So no headphone, use the computer or speaker this way you can hear the instruction when you do the practices.

Comfortable Clothing : We recommend loose, comfortable and moderate clothing. You will be squatting in one of the practice, so ensure what you wear is appropriate for this.

Yoga Mat & Cushion : Have a Yoga mat, if you don’t have one a bedsheet will also do. Its best you seated on the floor, you can use a cushion when you sit on the floor.

No Mobile Phone : We will like to see you practice so we can give you corrections as well. Please use you a computer, tablet, computer connected to Monitor & keep your camera in such way we can see you. This way you will be able to watch the practice in detail & we can also see you.

Check pics on class arrangement below, this is to give you an idea.  Do acknowledge by a email or whatspp after going through this guideline.


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