How can we tell if a Rudraksha has lost its vibrancy?

Rudraksha have a certain quality by nature, so it is important to wear them on the body in a way that treats the Rudraksha with respect and care. Rudraksha should not be worn like jewelry and kept aside later. When a person decides to wear a Rudraksha, it should become like a part of them. If someone decides not to wear their Rudraksha for an extended period of time, it should be kept in a silk cloth, preferably in a pooja room. There are certain situations that are not conducive for Rudraksha. For example, if Rudraksha are kept on a cement floor for a full 48-day mandala or longer, it should not be used. Conditioning will not help in reversing this process. A Rudraksha in this state should be buried in the soil, if possible, or offered to a body of water, like a river or a well.
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