Honey, Amla & Fruits

1. Raw Amla or Indian Gooseberry

This is the amla season, that is the bettad nallikai for Kannada people. This is not those huge, golf ball kind of amla. That is all hybrid amla, which is also okay if you do not find anything else. But otherwise, what grows in the hills is small in size. You just smash one amla, put a little salt on it and just chew it. You must keep it in your mouth for one to two hours, as it is most effective there.

Raw Amla or Indian Gooseberry
Amla with Honey and Peppercorns

2. Amla with Honey and Peppercorns

Soak amla (gooseberry, or nellikai) in honey overnight, along with some broken black or green peppercorns. Have about three spoons three times a day. It works best if that is the first thing that you take, when you are on an empty stomach. If you do this, in four to eight weeks, one can see significant betterment of one’s immune system.

3. Raw Mango

This is also the beginning of the raw mango season. Do not wait for it to ripen, eat the raw mango. It is not a preventive for coronavirus, but it can up boost the immune system a little bit.