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Live Isha Hatha Yoga Online Session, Learn yoga from the comfort of your home a much needed support during this challenging times. These workshops are focused on building immunity, enhancing lung capacity, builds your system to stay vibrant & healthy. In our online workshop you will be learning Upa Yoga a subset of Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, guided meditation, we will be focusing on food and health way of living.

Are you practicing already ?

As a Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher our endeavour is to make yoga part of your life. Yogic science has much more to offer for a human wellbeing a Joyful mind, vibrant body and exuberant life is natural for every human. Our workshop and practice taught here address the fundamental of human existence. Guided by Sadhguru the workshop are designed with this in focus. Please listen to our participant.

Extended Support

We do yoga every day, its important for us we support our participant. Help them make yoga part of their lifestyle.

Regular Saturday morning session organised after online workshop, we will also support with next course of action depending upon your preference. Join Monday Webinar if you like to meet us & talk to one of us.

I could learn the basics and practice it with the instructor who was very supportive and correcting us throughout the program.-
-Shveta V, France
I do have some health problems with my stomach, I often feel a pain in my chest, no matter how litle I eat, I have a sensation of full stomach. After the first two days of practice I did not feel any pain and any full stomach sensation.
-Claudiu d, Romania
It was indeed very good and helped us making us calm from within. Teacher did his very best to attain the motive of the session. Looking forward to continue the Yoga sessions.
-Simran, Sweden
In these sessions Rama helped us to see and finetune the tiniest of mistakes and correction in our practises which I would have never observed my self.
– Aarjan P, Canada
I stopped doing my practices for a while, then came across this online Hatha yoga session. This class is very helpful for me. I could realise some of the mistakes I was doing during the practice. This had created a routine for me.
– Loganayaki R, USA
The Online Yoga Workshop, allowed me to deepen the practice and correct the movements, in addition to addressing other fundamental aspects such as food, drink. I really enjoyed the online course.
– Sara G, Portugal
  • 7 Days Workshop for Adult. Age 14+
  • 4 Days Workshop for Kids. Age 7 -13
  • 21 Days Yoga Life.
  • Yoga for Health & Rejuvenation.
  • 4 Days Workshop for Kids. Age 7 -13
  • 21 Days Yoga Life.
Covid Times
  • Kriya Yoga for immunity & Lungs.
  • Tips for Immunity and Health
  • Through out we keep giving individual and group correction.
  • Guidance on next course of action.
Time Zones
  • Europe : BST, CET, EET
  • US & Canada : EDT, PDT
  • Asia : Indian Standard Time
Session Time
  • Choose Morning or Evening Session.
  • Morning Session 1 hr, weekend 1.5 hr.
  • Evening Session 1.5 hr.
Food & Health
  • Insight into Food for Body.
  • Healthy Diet Tips & more.
  • Eliminates stress, tension and anxiety.
  • Strengthen Spine & Immune System.
  • We kept the pricing affordable.
  • Free Chant, Meditation & Music.

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Upcoming Adult Online Workshop

Live Online 7 days Isha Hatha Yoga Workshop for Immunity, Inner & physical Wellbeing. Programs are structured for the current needs [Covid19], practices taught here boost Immunity, enhance lung capacity, keep you Vibrant Physically & Mentally & Energetically. These workshop are much needed support to stay positive, focused & healthy.

* Choose either Morning or Evening Session. Minimum Age 14.

* Programs organised via zoom. Opportunity to join Yoga Life 21 days challenge.

* 1.5 hour session, all session mandatory. Programs organised via zoom.

* Join Monday Webinar if you like to meet us & talk to one of us.

Upcoming Kids Online Workshop

Online 4 days Isha Hatha Yoga Workshop for kids. Conducted in a friendly atmosphere, these programs are structured for the current needs [Covid19]. Practices taught here improves focus and concentration, brings in joy. On the health perspective it boost Immunity, enhance lung capacity, keep them vibrant & healthy.

* 2 consecutive weekends for 7-14 years old kids.

* 1.5 hour session, all session mandatory. Programs organised via zoom.

* Join Monday Webinar if you like to meet us & talk to one of us.

Yoga Life

Yoga is a initiate to make your part of you life. After you complete our 7 days online workshop or any other workshop we will help you to progress further in every aspect for your wellbeing. We will support you with regular online practice session, other Isha programs you can enroll to depending on your need.


Upcoming Program Notification & Free Session [Based on Timezone]

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